You will develop a global business issues case study. This is an individual final project that will allow students to demonstrate their attainment of the learning outcomes of the module, through the application of the concepts and techniques learnt. The purpose of the case study is to apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of real-world situations and/or problems. Students will be required to act as a business consultant and prepare a report analysing a modern day scenario (case study). Which requires students to utilise appropriate models and techniques, from the whole module content, advising on strategic intervention and its impact on the global environment and to carry out an original development of a global issue of business choice that integrates views of economics, strategy, marketing, project management, human resource management and entrepreneurship, the case study should draw upon analysing global business change rather than summarise or rehash existing work or ideas. Students are encouraged to use situations, evidence and data from their own experience where possible.


The case study should be a piece of work that provides specific strategies and tactics in the expansion of business in a global market place, considering production, and resource utilisation in order to enhance the value of the chosen subject of the case study. The strategies and tactics are to be supported with theories covered in the module.


The Case Study should follow the given outline:

  1. Case study executive summary;
  2. Introduction (describe the case study);
  3. Background to case study, set scene;
  4. Methodology of analysis;
  5. Description of issues and problems;
  6. Solution;
  7. Evaluation;
  8. Degree of consultancy;
  9. Contributions to global business;
  10. Conclusion and recommendations.

The case study should also include a section on how and where you obtained the information sources as well as the methodology used to perform any analysis. The case study should be 4,000 words.


FUTHRER GUIDELINES             ors/guides/write/harvard.htm



  1. Case study executive summary; 

As the name suggest please provide a summary.  I would recommend half to one side.  This should clearly summarise the contents of the report.  This does not count towards the total word limit.

  1. Introduction (describe the case study); 

This should clearly introduce the report and state what is being argued.  This is about setting the scene, introducing the case organisation and scope of the report.  This should be approx. 1 side in length.

  1. Background to case study, set scene; 

Include a brief overview of the key issues that will be investigated and what research will be used to make sense of the key issues.  This should be no more than 1 side in length.

  1. Methodology of analysis; 

This should explain which sources you used to gain insight into the case organisation and the issues under investigation.  You should explain how you ensured the information from these sources were verified for credibility.  So for example peer reviewed journals are more credible than blogs on the internet.  If using data to understand the environment for example have you used government statistics or other credible sources?

All of the above is about checking that the data/information you use is credible.

Keep this  brief (as a suggestion half a side will suffice).

  1. Description of issues and problems; 

Introduce and systematically explore the key issues you have identified.  Keep this to approx. 1 to 2 sides.

  1. Solution; 

Detail the solutions to the issues identified above.  Keep this to approx.  2 sides.

  1. Evaluation; 

Key analysis/evaluation of the issues as first detailed in section  5.  You should in this section be applying research (theories/models) from the module as indicated within the assessment brief.  Please refer to the assessment brief.  This is a significant section and should account for approx. 25 t0 35% of the word count.  This is only a guide but clearly this section is where you demonstrate that you not only understand the key research but also can apply this to the issues you have identified in the case organisation.

  1. Degree of consultancy; 

This is directed at briefly stating how your report will be disseminated and to who.  So for example who is the primary audience for the report?  Is this for specific audiences within the organisation such as senior management?  Is it also for consumption for outside audiences?  If so who?  This should be approx.. half to 1 side in length at most.

  1. Contributions to global business; 

As the title suggests this section should detail the key contributions and to who as identified in section 8. This should be approx. 1 side in length.

  1. Conclusion and recommendations. 

This is a capstone section that concludes the report and details the recommendations for key stakeholders.  This should be approx. 2  sides in length.


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