You should get a mean of 20 and a standard deviation of 1.8257 for the standard deviation for the first sample and a mean of 26 with a standard deviation of 8.5635 for the second sample. Study how the mean and the standard deviation, especially the standard deviation describes the data in each sample set. We would express our results as “Mean of 20 plus or minus a standard deviation of 1.8257” for the first data set; and “Mean of 26 plus or minus a standard deviation of 8.5635” for the second set. Notice how the standard deviation gives a range above and below the mean that contains most of the data, not all of it. And notice how the small standard deviation in the first set describes how most of the data is very close to the mean of 20. In the second data set the data is more scattered out from the mean of 26, a different group of people with regard to their ages.Attachments: