In an essay of no fewer than six and no more than nine pages, use it as a platform to summarize and explicate the most important themes of this class.

Draw on assigned course readings in the construction of your answer.  It will be evaluated based on quality of answer, quality of prose, and level of familiarity it demonstrates with course themes and assigned readings.  Responses which demonstrate mastery of assigned readings and course themes will score well.  Responses which demonstrate ignorance of assigned readings and course themes will score poorly, no matter what other merits they might possess.  For this reason, you are strongly advised to limit your supporting materials to those presented in the course.

Your answer must draw on primary source documents from no fewer than seven (7) modules.  Furthermore, at least one primary source document each from modules 14, 15, and 16 must be among the materials you draw upon.  These are minimum requirements; feel free to draw as widely on course materials as your preparation allows.