Project Management Methodology (“Methodology”)—Group Assignment and Presentation. Professor to divide the class in groups and assign Methodologies from Exhibit 7.1. Groups will go outside of the textbook (i.e., IT literature and/or any other valid external source) to summarize and present to the class the Methodology/ies assigned. The presentation should: a. Provide an overall explanation of the Methodology, including, but not limited to: definition; purpose and objectives; whether it is United States or International-based; industries where Methodology/ies has/have been used; etc. b. Highlight the benefits and challenges of the Methodology to project managers. c. Include examples of organizations that have used the particular Methodology and, if available, describe their overall experience. d. Be submitted in power-point-presentation format with a cover page and a reference section at the end. The submitted file should be between 8 and 10 pages long, including cover page and references.