a. In at least 3 paragraphs, summarize what you learned in this unit, infusing your own personal experience (or someone else’s that you witnessed) to illustrate your points. (This journal exercise [along with those from Units 1-3] will provide the framework of your final project – a sizeable critical reflection of your ED 308 Adult Learning journey.) Be sure to answer these questions:

i. What did I already know about learning and development in adulthood? As I head into my final reflection, my view of lifelong learning is…
ii. How does the information from Unit 4 relate to what I already know?
iii. What is/are the broader implication(s) or significance of what I have learned?
1. Lifelong Learning

a. Using your Merriam et al. text and one peer-reviewed journal article from the Wellehan Libray—(please generously cite the authors’ ideas to make your points relevant and also to show evidence of having digested the readings)—examine the meaning of lifelong learning and its implications for adult learning nowadays. Definitely pull in all you have learned and contemplated through Unit 4:
i. Traditional learning theories and philosophies
ii. Adult development
iii. Cognitive learning and development
iv. Intelligence and aging
v. Memory, cognition, and the brain

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