(1) Surrogate Motherhood: Should commercial surrogate motherhood be legal? Is it ethical? Compare the arguments of Bonnie Steinbock and Elizabeth Anderson. What is Steinbock’s main line of argument to show that surrogacy is morally permissible? What would Elizabeth Anderson’s argument against commercial surrogacy? Support one of these views with your own arguments. (2) Paternalism and autonomy: How should doctors go about protecting patient autonomy? Is paternalism ever acceptable? Compare either (a) Dworkin to Goldman or (b) Ackerman to Goldman. Goldman rejects the idea that doctors should make paternalistic decisions for patients. Explain his argument. In what situations do Dworkin (or Ackerman) leave room for paternalism and why? Can Goldman answer either D or A’s concerns about a situation where autonomy should be should not be given full priority or is there an argument to be made that paternalism is never acceptable? [Note: Ackerman’s article will be somewhat easier to use in this paper as it is directly about the medical context. However, if Dworkin’s argument is of interest, you may consider it instead.]