I have to write a dissertation that it is about Sustainable Luxury Hotels, the master is called. LUXURY BRAND MANAGEMENT so it is important to remember that it is within the luxury market.
I have been told I can do a comparison with a luxury sustainable chain hotel or a luxury hotel and a conventional hotel. Comparing things like what is the luxury hotel chain in question or the luxury hotel in question doing to be sustainable. example: services, interior design, management, experience, etc. Also and very important to see the profits after being sustainable.
I have to have a title first and i will really like to receive it within the next 3 days in order to decide and show the teacher an continue with it.
The problem is that I have no title yet and I need help to formulate a dissertation question or title with you but it might be slightly modified by the teacher as soon as i have it, meaning that i will have to get the title asap in order to come back to you with the final answer. I have also to show her the literature review in advanced to see if that will underpin what i will then have in my dissertation.
I have to send you some instructions I have to follow for this dissertation so you are able to follow it as they require me to do. I want to keep the dissertation very simple and not complicated but following all the requirements. I have to create a survey questionaire that I have to add as an appendix later.
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