n the progress report, you will add to the preliminary research you have done on your topic.  The format of this report is very basic.

Topic: Paying College Athletes

First, you will need to find at least three additional sources within the Blinn Library databases (100 words per source). You will provide a reference citation and annotate each of these three sources just as you did for the proposal essay.

On a separate, additional page, you will summarize the information received in your survey analysis.  You will want to focus on the results from three to five of your questions.  The best questions to use will be the ones that received the most response information as well as support or prove your argument.  This portion of the report should discuss what implications the survey results have.  Start drawing conclusions from the information received.  Tell me how you will incorporate this primary research information into your research paper (350 words).


650-800 words total

Typed, double-spaced in 12 pt. Times New Roman font

MLA heading and format

3 annotated sources (different than the three in the proposal essay)

1-2 page summary of your survey results