Delivery of a short form 1950 word academic scholarly journal, focusing on TERRORISM tied to the oil and gas sector in IRAQ
Note: The academic journal should be formatted and presented as close as possible to the “Harrop & Matteson” example provided.

Instructions: You should develop a 1950 word assignment having regard for academic journal structure as per template. You will need to find a creative, but scholarly title that clearly links TERRORISM to IRAQ

– Coursework requirements and criteria:
You should (via a clear title, introduction, headed main sections, and conclusion) do the following:

(a) Introduce, define and explain terrorism (using two or more top tier academic definitions)
(b) Critically analyse the issues you present using sound academic sources, theories and concepts (this means infusing, analysing, and evaluating the merits of various claims and counter claims from academic sources)
(c) Contextualise your paper using either one case study or statistical evidence tied to IRAQ.
(d) Create an evidence based model detailing the relationship between Iraq and terrorism
(e) Develop an evidence based table showing applicable controls, treatments, and stakeholders tied to terrorism and iraq.
(f) Apply Harvard referencing throughout the paper and in-text citing where appropriate

Attention to the writer: Marking Criteria

70-79% • Very high standard of critical analysis and evaluation or assessment
• Highly relevant and thorough application of statistical analysis (where appropriate)
• Excellent understanding and expression of methodological issues
• Very thorough investigation of relevant documentation, research material, text books, lecture notes, etc.
• Excellent explanation and analysis of key concepts and terminology
• Excellent report, organisation and logical structure
• A very high level of integration of arguments and viewpoints derived from different principles and theories
• Excellent application of own insights and a demonstration of creativity in argument and analysis
• Excellent use of supporting data and case studies
• Highly relevant and imaginative links made between theory and practice, where appropriate
• Very good understanding of nuance and complexity in theory and practice
• Highly effective communication of the project outcomes
• Highly focussed and concise presentation of the material
• Excellent standard of presentation, including use of English and handling of bibliographic references.