The Effects of Nutrition and Obesity on Current and Developing Type II Diabetes in Children

The Effects of Nutrition and Obesity on Current and Developing Type II Diabetes in Children


I did my thesis proposal but it’s not completed, and i got some instructions about it, i will upload my paper to see it, and you can go from there.

Here are the instructions on my paper i need you to do and you can add whatever you see is good to get an excellent proposal:

1-A lot of what you need for your thesis proposal is here, so that is good. The proposal needs some reorganization though.

2-You should organize what you have from large to small – by that I mean you should put the material you have for world diabetes/obesity first and then cover the US.

3-You should put the first paragraph on page 1 and combine it with the first.

4-You should be consistent throughout the paper in writing either type 1 or Type 1 (the capitalization of type). It doesn’t matter which you choose but you should pick one and use it throughout.

5-Write out the purpose and hypotheses rather than using bullet points.

6-Rewrite the section on Classification of Diabeters Mellitus, it doesn’t make sense.

7-In the literature review section, get rid of the Section Titles and just write the literature review. This should flow from one to the next as well. The literature review needs to be reorganized similar to how you need to reorganize the diabetes/obesity topic.

8-The first to last page yo write about cigarette use and alcohol consumption. If you are going to research youth diabetes/obesity then this has nothing to do with them.

8-You need a section on the data you will be using. You need to explain where the data comes from, what the data is, etc.

9-You also need a section on the techniques you plan on using to analyze the data. Explain what you will use and why.

10-You will also need a conclusion that includes what you hope to show with your research.

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