Referees Comments
1. The strongest point is the novelty of the topic of the study. The
weakest points are methodology and technical merit. The paper seems a
simple descriptive analysis., I expected a more extended and deeper
explanation of methodology. In this context if I have a look at one of the
most recent books describing the different research Methods in tourism
(See: Handbook of Research Methods in Tourism. Edited by L. Dwyer, A. Gil
and N. Seetaram. Edward Elgar Publishing. Northampton, USA) -that includes
qualitative methods- descriptions include more details about regular
(Please make sure you have list the handbook of research methods in tourism in reference and add the in-text citation in several part of the editing manuscript)

2. The contribution to the area of study is currently limited they
recommendation would be to undertake deep modification if the paper has to
be published. IT would be best as a Research Note ( we confine this to
2000 words excluding tables, figures and references Ed.).
(Please make sure the whole article rewrite and under 2000 words excluding tables, figures and references.)

3. The potential for influencing policy and practice has to be discussed.

4. Abstract: Rewrite completely. It should include a brief description of
the objective, methodology and a summary (one sentence) about main
results. Do not mention Priceline and Hotwire in the second sentence in
the abstract. It is expected that your objective is general (To evaluate
Opaque websites in the context of car rental) and Priceline and Hotwire
are the examples you analyse (your case Studies).

5. After describing the fourth characteristic of opaque products, you
began describing your case study. You should differentiate this from
literature review.
6. “Six of the leading online car rental brands are…” (A citation is
7. Page 14. Paragraph starting with “Based on the literature,” Which
literature? Some reference is expected here.
8. Rewrite sentence “Perceived information quality affects the
satisfaction of travelers (Nusair & Kandampully, 2008) renting cars from
Priceline and Hotwire” Is this your result? In general, it is good to
compare your results with previous literature, but it is important to
highlight which your own results are! This is not clear in the final
paragraphs just before the conclusion.
9. The objective of the study is too ambitious. Using the research method
selected for the study, it is not possible to evaluate satisfaction with
rental car service in the context of the total travel experience. It is
only possible to evaluate the satisfaction with rental car service using
the selected channels; but nothing else. In this context, authors are
requested to redefine the objective of the study and to generalize the
10. Do not use subsection in the conclusion section. It is good to include
recommendations but not separately. In conclusion section, please include
limitations of your study and recommendation for future research.

To Writers:
Hey, I don’t know you but I hope you can really work this out. This manuscript has to rewrite by following the Referees comments point by point (only 10 comments as above). In case you misunderstand what I want, I have taken one comment from above as example.
For example:
“ 6. “Six of the leading online car rental brands are…” (A citation is
required)” please identify the rewrite part paragraphs and pages (manuscript) in this file. That would save us lots of time.


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