Theory and childhood education

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In addition, the contemporary curriculum is informed by research in first and additional language learning theory such as functional grammar and communicative language teaching approaches that focuses on the social role of language1).This is my supervisor feedback


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  • Pierre Bourdieu
  • Monica Heller
  • Bony Norton
  • Blackladge





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In most cases, due to gender inequality in Western societies in discourse of motherhood ‘the family’, divorce most often results the mother having the sole responsibility to care for the children. However, as sole mothers are normally not economically empowered, this impacts on their children’s acess to quality education (Killen & Rutland, 2011).My supervisor feedback



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The ban on divorce across the major religions in the world was meant to ensure the protection of the child. In this regard, the child is well cared for by the two parents (Kendrick & Kakuru, 2012). This is very much link to above (Robinsons and Robinsons and Jones Diaz


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Article (1) Robinsons and Jones Diaz, article (2) Robinsons


But for Robinsons (2013) please use this resource


  • Robinson, K. (2013), ‘Innocence, Knowledge and the Construction of Childhood : The Contradictory Nature of Sexuality and Censorship in Children’s Contemporary Lives‘, : Routledge 9780415607636.




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However, within recent years, there has been increased anxiety and moral panic among Western societies regarding the welfare of the children. In this case, child protection has come under threat from paedophiles. The panic has led to the calls for enhanced surveillance among children to protect them from ‘stranger danger’, child abuse and paedophilia. My supervisor feedback


Again (Robinson, 2013) Please follow the suggestion

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