This case is new for the ninth edition of Information Technology Project Management. The case

provides an opportunity to apply agile and Scrum principles to project management.

Each part of the case contains several task assignments to help you explore the use of agile and

Scrum principles.

Part 7: Project Stakeholder Management

As you learned in the text, it is critical to involve key stakeholders on important projects and

focus on their needs. In agile projects, however, increased stakeholder involvement and faster

decision making are often required. To enable timely, productive discussion and decision

making, agile teams communicate directly with stakeholders instead of wading through tiers of

management to establish such communications.

The Third Avenue health-care app project involved the following stakeholders:

• You, the product owner. You are one of two senior programmers at Third Avenue.

• Eric, a junior programmer who is considered by his peers to be the author of some of the

best code at the company. You have also designated Eric to be the project ScrumMaster.

• Lia, another talented young programmer

• Brianna, a marketing representative who has experience in health care from a previous job

• Jack, the regulatory manager at Third Avenue

• Kendra, the Quality Assurance manager

• Aziz, a Quality Assurance tester who began his career as a programmer

• Barry, a member of Third Avenue’s three-person accounting staff

• Members of Third Avenue management, who occasionally expressed doubts about the

team’s ability to complete the work by the deadline and within budget

• Open a new Microsoft® Word document and complete the Tasks below.

• Save the file on your computer with your last name in the file name. (Example: part 1

tasks _Jones.doc)

• Click the Choose File button to select and upload your saved document.

Tasks 1. The preceding list contains a rather glaring omission. What group of stakeholders is not

shown in the list?

2. Review the preceding list of project stakeholders and project members, and then

identify two examples of how these stakeholder roles might have been different in a

traditional project management approach.

3. Create a stakeholder management plan to handle the stakeholders’ concerns and input

for the health-care app after it has been released to the field. For example, continuing

strategies are needed to monetize the software most effectively and to achieve

maximum market penetration.

Create an issue log for the project’s main activities. Recall that an issue log is a tool used to

document, monitor, and track issues that need resolution.

Prepare a 2-3 page max narrative discussing the content and your thoughts regarding the importance (or lack of importance) of developing such a strategy.

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