Written justification of research paradigm and methodological approach to answering the research question/hypothesis
1. This assignment will entail exploring the two major paradigms and the various methodological approaches that underpin nursing and midwifery research. When a clinical problem is identified, it often can be addressed with either a qualitative or a quantitative approach, depending on the question/s that need to be answered.
2. Please identify one problem/issue you would like to investigate, and consider how you could address this issue from both a qualitative and a quantitative approach.
3. For each approach, you will need to have a specific research question, and provide justification as to why the chosen approach is appropriate to address the proposed question.
4. In addition, you need to discuss the advantages and limitations of each of the two approaches (qualitative, quantitative) as it relates to your question.
5. For each question, you will also need to justify the methodological approach (e.g. phenomenology; observational study, experimental study) that might be appropriate for the question.
6. This essay should focus on the paradigm and methodological approach. You should not be providing an extensive justification of why the identified problem is important.