1. Governance / Collaboration (across government level)
2. Integrated Transport (not congestion, but how to accommodate an increase of commuters)
3. Sustainable Economy (cluster based innovation and productivity – attracting global talent)
4. Urban Adaptation and Innovation (Preparing for population growth and climate change)
5. Affordable housing (Social housing).
* Then find three international best practice case studies of cities that are struggling with the same or similar issue around which you have developed your research question. (later I will sent you one case study about Copenhagen – solutions for sustainable cities, so please find two more case studies)
* Analyse these three best practice solutions to understand the elements of the solution, how the solution addresses/solves the issue and what the impact has been after implementation.
* Make an assessment of whether/how their approach/solution may can be applied to help solve the issue in the context of the city of Sydney.
* Lastly, assess the risk of taking action vs. non-action with regards to each of the following: the broader global sustainability issue, in the assessment of solutions learned from each case study, and with your proposed recommendations to the city of Sydney…..

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