Students are required to produce a group assignment using data provided. Data is available on BB108 Moodle shell in the folder named [Data set]. You need to use Business Statistics theory, concepts, tools and terminology that you have learnt from weeks 1 to week 11 to analyse the data and to write up the assignment. This assignment is a group assignment for a group of 4 students. Data set [Job Satisfaction] is from a global corporation. Three hundred employees of the company globally have been surveyed regards their job satisfaction in the company. a. The variables include: i. ID ii. “Gender” –1= male or 2=female iii. Marital status (Married, single) iv. Age v. Years of experience vi. City that they come from (areas coded from 1 to 5) vii. Region they come from (east, west, south, north) viii. Departments (1=IT, 2=Marketing, 3= Sales, 4= HR, 5= Finance 6=Innovation) ix. Salary (in thousands) x. Job satisfaction score before training (1= extremely dissatisfied; 5=extremely satisfied) xi. Job satisfaction score after training (1= extremely dissatisfied; 5=extremely satisfied) xii. Life happiness score (1= extremely unhappy; 10=extremely happy) xiii. Promoted (yes, No)