Use PESTLE Analysis to answer this question ‘The use of PESTLE in small entrepreneurial business within a large organisation ‘ using Incadea a company within Cox Automotive as the organisation . You could engage others in the work and test-out your own findings; which would allow a critique of the prescribed methodology listing what worked, what you had to adapt and explaining why others might arrive at a different outcome. This would allow you to flag 7 potential pitfalls or make recommendations about how to use the technique more successfully. Company Profile: Cox automotive acquired incadea 22 months ago to solidify their vision to revolutionise the way we buy and sell cars and its parts.
I will like this essay to reflect how using the pestle analysis helped them arrive to this decision.Please highlight the effect of Brexit and GDPR legislation in their decision making if any. Finally this is an academic essay and should include introduction,lit review,methodology,analysis and conclusion.It is not necessary to use the whole element/letters in PESTLE just the applicable ones.The strongest should be addressed earlier on in the essay,it should be reflected in the lit review for instance if it is technology that should be mentioned in the lit review.