User Analysis Report for

Sydney Fashion Company


User Analysis Report: Fashion

Short-term goals

The company intends to capture a wide scope of the market by increasing effectiveness of the company website in providing information on the available goods. The company intends to increase the number of people visiting the company website. The project aims to improve the website by providing a more interactive interface that will facilitate the company’s goals.

Long term goals

To establish web presence in the fashion industry and be the best option in providing solutions in the fashion industry

Client expectations

It is the expectation of the client that the website developed increases the number of people visiting the company website and subsequently, increase the number of people purchasing their products. It is also the expectation of the client that the company website dominates the internet through its enhanced web presence.

Information gathering methods

One of the techniques used in gathering information is following people around and observing their trends. This technique helps in understanding the trends that people follow when they make preferences for certain companies and products. This technique also helps in understanding what people like. Secondly, brainstorming helps in understanding the best websites and why they are the best in the market. This technique promotes understanding on how the company website can be improved so as to make it one of the best in the market. The final technique to be used is prototyping. Under this technique, a prototype of the website is developed. This is then used as a trial version and then through feedback from the client and their experience with customers who have used the website, an improvement shall be made on the product.

The targeted audience include young people aged 14 to 17 and adults aged 18 to 50. This group of people is targeted because it is the group that likes to follow trends in fashion. In addition, individuals in the adult group are the group that are most likely to purchase products from their own money, in addition to being a group that likes to look impressive before others.

Types of client interaction

Since the website belongs to a fashion industry company, the appearance will be aesthetic so as to attract potential clients to the website from the first view (Drell, 2012). This includes striking video and photo galleries of the available products. It also includes crucial business information that includes the vision, mission, strategy and core values as well as contacts of the company. The website also provides clear navigation and easy to use features. Information displayed is clearly understood. The website incorporates social media integration so as to easily link up to the large social media society. A web store is incorporated so that clients can make reservations on products they want to purchase (Hourieh, 2009).

Information requirements

The website intends to create the impression that it provides the best products in fashion trend. The latest products are relayed to clients through images of celebrity pictures and impressive photo galleries showing how great the audience shall look in the outfit (Vest et al, 2004). The design theme ranges from urban images gallery to rural outfit. It also involves outfit used for holidays and those used on professional practice. A combination of pictures, videos and text are used in relaying information on the products to be sold by the company. Content requirement for the website shall be filled through use of existing web sites. A site mapping tool is appropriate in obtaining information from various we sites. Through this, information on how companies have been getting traffic to their websites is obtained and this is used in enhancing the current website. Content used include graphics, text, audio, video and images (Aluru et al, 2011). Meta keywords and key descriptions help in advertising content of the website to the audience. Through these two features, the website shall draw the attention of audience whenever they make their searches through search engines. The leads enable the audience to access information on company products even when they did not intend to visit the company website. Through this, clients understand the products offered by the company (Michael and Salter, 2012).


The company website is an important platform for marketing the company and its products. Through information obtained from observed trends, brainstorming and prototyping, the needs of clients are known and these are used in developing a website that best meets the needs of both the company and its audience. Various design features incorporated into the website improve its appeal before the audience. Information requirements can be met by use of various media including video and photo gallery. To draw and lead the targeted audience to the website, Meta keywords and Meta descriptions are used.        





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