Using the following structures, discuss the notion of English as a structured language. Use tree diagrams in your representations. i. The students are happy (3 marks) ii. He bought a flower from the shop (3 marks) iii. They said I should go. (3 marks) iv. Mary is my name(3 marks)

1(i) Write five original sentences containing if/whether clauses. Use each possible pattern once. (5 marks)
(ii) Write six original complex sentences containing Wh-words clauses (6 marks)
(iii) Write five original sentences with relative clauses, using different verb or adjective in the introductory clause in each sentence (5 marks)
2. With suitable examples, clearly explain the following syntactic functions.
a) Subject (6 marks)
b) Object (5 marks)
c) Complement (5 marks)
3. Using adequate examples, discuss the following constituency tests.
a. Substitution (4 marks)
b. Movement (4 marks)
c. Answer to question (4 marks)
d. Coordination (4 marks)
4. Discuss three suggestions by Mark Halliday on how meaning is encoded in clauses (16 marks)
5. Using examples , explain the differences between the following sentence types
a. Major and minor (4 marks)
b. Complete and incomplete (4 marks)
c. Complex and compound sentences (4 marks)
d. Kernels versus transforms (4 marks)





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