Using Questioning to Elicit Critical Thinking

Research Project: Using Questioning to Elicit Critical Thinking


Identify a group of third graders who are having difficulty with making inferences and who have difficulty deciding whether their answers should come from the text or from their own experiences. Work with these students for 10 weeks teaching them the QAR strategy in the context of their reading material. At the end of the ten weeks, analyze the students’ responses to questions and their own ability to ask questions at all levels.


Categorize the students’ responses and questions based on the components of the QAR: right there, think and search, author and you and on your own.


Support your findings with at least five references.


Total points 30




Research Project: Using Questioning to Elicit Critical Thinking


Demographical data-

2 points


Description of the project (texts used, number of sessions, etc.

6 points


Categorizing responses and questions

10 points


Discussion of findings to include support

from research(at least five references)

8 points


Reflection 2 points


References (APA format) 2 points


Total 30 Points

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