The end of semester report will be an individual task, where students can apply their knowledge to the discussion of an economic issue with relevance to Tourism and Events Management.  By this stage of the semester, students should be able to demonstrate competence in the application of economic theories to real world problems.

Visit the website for the WTTC and locate the country reports available through their economic research pages ( ). Select two countries (Italy and either Greece or UK) to compare and contrast. For each country, review their Impact Research Report to comment on inbound and domestic tourism expenditure, the contribution of travel and tourism to both GDP and employment and the relative rankings to world average. Explain what you think the two reports tell about tourism in each country and why the two countries differ?


Assignment Guidelines:


The essay comprises 50% of the module mark, and is to be  no longer  than 1500words, excluding appendices, references and bibliography. A 10% leeway may be applied if necessary. The report should include a word count.


Essential activities to be included:


The essay should not only include statistics,  but also a qualitative analysis.  Whenever possible, try and be analytical rather than descriptive only. Use theoretical concepts and subject-specific vocabulary. Use formal language throughout, i.e. use it is rather than it’s. Be impersonal (do not use I think, I believe, etc.) Use expressions such as: one may argue; it is feasible to conclude; there may be…, etc. Check your spelling and grammar


Important notes:


The following skills will be developed during this assessment:

Analytical skills;

Time-management skills,

Research skills;

Presenting coherent arguments;

Language use;



The individual assessment guidelines