– Question: what are the advantages and disadvantages of technology play for children’s health and wellbeing? identify and discuss 2-3 issues which educators may face in relation to this topic. support this discussion using a relevant theory. Make 5 recommendations, supported by literature that can be used by families and educators to promote children’s health and wellbeing.

– refer to RECENT text books, journal articles and research reports published in the last 5-10 years.

– make sure you refer to a range of references, not just text books, and do not use information from general internet sites to support your discussion.

– avoid using to many direct quotes in your essay try instead to paraphrase and synthesise information from various sources.

– keep a record of all references (including page numbers) used in the preparation of your essay. acknowledge all sources used in the essay appropriately and provide details of references in the reference list at the end.
Assessment criteria:
– use relevant and recent theory ( 10 marks)
– Analysis of issues relating to children’s development/play/ learning ( 10 marks)
– recommendations supported by literature that can be used by families and educators to support children’s play and development ( 10 marks)
presents work professionally with clear academic writing within the word limit and uses APA referencing style correctly, including competently integrating evidence. (10 marks)
OVERALL = 50%…….

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