What are the dangers associated with the sales of online prescription drugs?

1. What are the dangers associated with the sales of online prescription drugs? (5 points)
2. Which problems does cybercrime create for those investigating it? (10 points)
3. Who can conduct a corporate investigation? What are the pros and cons of using these individuals? (10 points)
4. Which types of WMD terrorism have been successfully implemented in the past? By whom? (10 points)
5. Which counter terrorism measures should be used only rarely? Recall the readings from the text. Why do you think these should be retained for limited use? (10 points)
6. What measures should a successful

choose an existing social movement that interests you and explain whether it would be considered an old social movement or a new social movement

Chapter 1 Essay 1. the text mentions civic disengagement and apathy. Do you feel politically disengaged or apathetic? Explain your answer using examples from your life experiences. 2. choose an….

As in the case of Zamperini, sometimes neighbors, friends and parents become key persons in lives of children who are heading toward problems of several types

. Helping a hyperactive child move toward the Olympics was ingenious counsel of friends in his case that reflected extraordinary biopsychosocial understanding, although perhaps little expenditure of time. In applying….

What type of sociological research design method that recognizes patterns of behavior would you use to study academic dishonesty at Columbia Southern University?

For the Unit I Assignment, you will be writing responses to questions on concepts you learned in this unit reading (sociological imagination, sociological perspectives, and research design) based on your….