1. What are the practical values of the organization? What should they be? 3. Considering the purpose the organization should have, use the example in Table 4.2 (Cherokee Nation example) and develop some key measures for each statement in the organization’s purpose. Do these measures reflect the results you desire today and in the future? Table 4.2 Translation of the CNHS Purpose to System Level Measures

CNHS Purpose Statement Balanced Scorecard Measures
“The Cherokee Nation Healthcare Services protects and promotes health 1. Immunization rates  2. Unadjusted raw mortality 3. Childhood obesity, ages 2–18  4. Morbidity
through its workforce 5. Citizenry satisfaction rates  6. Percentage of third party  7. Active user population and visits  8. Percentage of patients empanelled 9. Average panel size per team/provider
and is the provider of choice 10. Percentage of workforce Cherokee  11. Staff turnover rate 12. Productivity index 13. Incidence rate nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses
and in the delivery of a quality experience to those we serve 14. Number of cancelled appointments 15. Adverse incidents  16. Third next available appointment 17. Equitable—inside fourteen county versus outside fourteen county
while practicing good stewardship 18. Health care costs per capita 19. Revenue per visit  20. Cost per visit
resulting in a happy and healthy Cherokee people. 21. Quality-of-life index 22. Disability associated life years