1. Earlier in the chapter we discussed the Four Ps. Consider the questions below relative to your system: • Purpose: • What is the purpose of our organization?  • Who are we serving? • What value do we add for them?  • What do we measure that tells us we are accomplishing our purpose? • Processes:  • How are our work processes linked to make the system achieve its purpose effectively and efficiently? • What 20 percent of the processes do we depend upon to accomplish our purpose?  • People: • What are the roles and responsibilities we need to fill and what kinds of people do we need to fill them? • What are the skills they need to have? • How should they interact? What are the important relationships?  • What kinds of personality traits are we looking for? • What kinds of relationships do we need to manage? • What rewards are essential for our people?  • How should we recognize contributions to the organization? • Practical Values:  • What are the practical values that ensure we achieve the system’s purpose?  • How do we respond when one of those values is not practiced?