What are the qualities and characteristics that help make this relationship successful?  

You will read and watch all of the lessons[1 Families: An Introduction  2 Promoting Family Engagement  3 Promoting Family Engagement: Communicating With Families  4 Working With Families of Children With Special Needs  5 Strengthening and Supporting Military Families and Families Facing Challenges]


After you have complete all of the lessons, you will answer the reflective assessment questions.

1) Imagine a new infant or toddler will join your classroom in the coming weeks.

What would you like to know about an infant or toddler so that I can understand his or her needs and provide the most responsive care?

2)Think about a healthy relationship you have with someone in your life. Think about this person and the qualities he/she brings to the relationship.

What are the qualities and characteristics that help make this relationship successful?

Which of these characteristics would be important in family-professional partnerships?

Evaluate how each option would impact the company and the opportunity to improve diversity and inclusion, and determine the best alternative.

During this unit, we have focused on strategies for transforming the organization’s culture to be conducive for diversity and inclusion. For this assignment, you will use the results from your….

Discuss one (1) practical application of this theory to real-world situations.

When people hear about “Learning Theory” they might tend to think it is just about going to school and getting an education. As a student of Psychology, and based on….

3. Discuss which viewers may be affected more than others and why (male v. female, child v. adult, etc).

Class 1: GROUP DISCUSSION POST   Image courtesy of: https://thefix.nine.com.au   Image courtesy of: https://petapixel.com     In your discussion, consider the following items: 1. Identify the visual elements that may….