You will read and watch all of the lessons[1 Families: An Introduction  2 Promoting Family Engagement  3 Promoting Family Engagement: Communicating With Families  4 Working With Families of Children With Special Needs  5 Strengthening and Supporting Military Families and Families Facing Challenges]

After you have complete all of the lessons, you will answer the reflective assessment questions.

1) Imagine a new infant or toddler will join your classroom in the coming weeks.

What would you like to know about an infant or toddler so that I can understand his or her needs and provide the most responsive care?

2)Think about a healthy relationship you have with someone in your life. Think about this person and the qualities he/she brings to the relationship.

What are the qualities and characteristics that help make this relationship successful?

Which of these characteristics would be important in family-professional partnerships?