What causes Iago’s need for revenge against Othello

1. Read the lecture. (Because it contains the most important assignment due later this semester (see units 6 and 7), you may want to print it out for future reference.)
2. After looking at the topics in the lecture, begin narrowing down your topic for this next essay. Try to choose one that won’t lead you into a long summary of the play. Your best bet is to find one that requires lots of analysis of the play, not summary.
My topic: What causes Iago’s need for revenge against Othello?
3. Write a literary analysis abstract over the Othello Essay you are getting ready to write for Units 6 and 7. Use the sample literary analysis abstract found in the rhetoric handbook for help. Post this in the proper discussion area, and allow enough time for other students to comment on it. The purpose of this assignment is just to get you thinking about what you will write about. It may or may not eventually be the topic you will write about, but it’s good to start thinking now.

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