Assume you have to make a simple wavenumber integration code for propagation in Pekeris waveguides.

a. Make a subroutine which computes the wavenumber kernel, or depth-dependent Green’s function, along a contour belowthe positive realwavenumber axis. Make sure your code is numerically stable for large wavenumbers, Professional Australia Essay Writers |

b. Check your code by qualitatively reproducing the kernels You decide to use FFP integration with a contour offset equal to the wavenumber sampling interval Professional Australia Essay Writers |

c. What is the associated minimum attenuation of the wrap-around?

d. Using this offset, perform a numerical convergence analysis for the integration by computing the transmission loss at 46m depth and 10 km range for the Pekeris waveguide in assuming an attenuation of 0.5 dB/_ in the bottom.

e. Repeat the convergence analysis without contour offset and discuss the difference in convergence rate.