Critical thinking 1: The story behind managed care.

Critical thinking 2: I would love to hear your own opinion about managed care. Please come up with one page of  own tought. What is good/bad in the concept managed care in general. Bring up your own experience.

Critical thinking 3: Insurance and risk.

– What is insurance ?

– What is the purpose of insurance?

– The risk in the subject insurance refers to who or what is at risk for the cost of payment for the benefit.

These are some guidelines which you might rely on during your research.

Critical thinking 5: As part as both initial credentialing and re-credentialing, payers and CVOs routinely query data bank ( www.npdb-hipdb a federal database created by combining two other federal databases . The national practitioner data bank ( NPDB) and the healthcare integrity and protection data bank. ( HIPDB)

Please discuss the reasons for their creation, when it has happened, what information they carry.  And in general what can you say about this data banks.

This mini-research has strictly followed APA formatting and has a minimum on full page with APA citation at the end.

Critical thinking 7: Please locate all information about capitation. When, where, and how this method of payment had began. Be as specific as possible. APA format is mandatory for every single assignment.

1 page for each case study.