Adding to this week’s chapter reading and lecture, it is important to also consider the value of sport, recreation, and fitness facilities and whether a facility is sustainable. Essentially, we want to ask the questions of:

  1. What is the value of a facility?
  2. How is that value achieved?

As one method to answering these questions, take a look at this video and their strategy for measuring value.

Select one sport, recreation, or fitness facility in your local community to analyze. Select one criterion from each of the three elements of value (economic, social, environmental) to research and apply to the facility you selected. Then write a case review (no less than 500 words, single-spaced) to report your findings/thoughts about the definitions of the 3 criteria you selected, a description and link to the facility you selected, and your analysis of how the facility rates in terms of the criterion you selected.

Please be sure to cite your sources including the web link as well as provide a link to the selected facility. Please use APA 7th edition for citing your sources.

Happy researching!


Case Study #2

Criteria /Ratings / Points

APA Format=20 points

500 Words=20 point

Content=40 points

Grammar, Direction, Spelling=20 points