Julian is a 16-year-old male who recently completed inpatient out patient addiction treatment and has come in for counseling on recovery issues. His parents have come with him to the first session and make some demands: (1) they want a weekly summary of what issues are discussed in counseling; (2) they want this summary to be specific and written; and (3) they want copies of the written summary to go to them and the principal of Julian’s school. Julian appears quiet and sullen while his parents make their demands. Discuss how you would handle this situation in light of three questions:

1. What information would you need to have about Julian and his parents to make clinical decisions about confidentiality that are in Julian’s best interests?

2. What limits would you set with his parents about information sent to them? To the school?

3. How would you structure sessions with Julian and his parents (e.g., who would be present)?