Read the scenario in the case study and answer the writing prompts. Provide rationale for each answer. All posts must contain at least (2) professional references, properly cited in the current APA format. Minimum of 250 words.

Case Study Description

J.P. is a 15-year-old African American adolescent who lives with his mother and father and was diagnosed with sickle cell disease 3 years ago. He is in the 10th grade. He is a honor roll student and is on the track team of his school. J.P. presents to the emergency department with deep muscle pain in both his legs, related to sickle cell crisis. Rates his pain at 8/10. He is 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 140 lb. On admission his vital signs are T: 37°C, P: 80 beats/min, R: 18 breaths/min, BP: 140/68 mmHg

Writing Prompts

  1. What other assessments should be included for this patient?
  2. Identify the various types of pain.
  3. What type of pain does this patient describe?
  4. What standards of assessing pain will be applied to this patient’s plan of care, including impact that culture has on pain and assessment?
  5. What teaching should the nurse consider from the problems list?
  6. What interventions should be included in the plan of care for this patient?