You are a career counselor in a large public high school. You are asked to conduct a week-long unit on career decision making for students in the AP English classes. Your plan is to have two classes on selfexploration, giving students an interest inventory and an ability checklist. Two classes will focus on worldof-work information and college exploration, and the final class will be on decision making. Two African American students refuse to take the interest inventory because they will base their future choices on how to be a credit to their race, not on their interests.

1. What would you do in this situation?

2. On which ethical codes and professional standards would you base your decision?

3. Would interacting with the father violate your client’s confidentiality?

4. Would you consider inviting the father into the career counseling with his daughter? What steps would you need to take if you were to do that?

5. Your client feels a very strong obligation to family. Do you have an obligation to include her father in career counseling?