Julie is a 29-year-old White woman who seeks therapy from a counselor in private practice to deal with depression. The counselor learns during intake that Julie has had some struggles with mild depression throughout her life, but these symptoms have worsened in the past year. Julie traces the beginning of her current depression to her brother’s death from cancer eight months ago, a disease that he fought for two years prior to his death. His death has led Julie to question many things, including existential questions about meaning and purpose in her own life, the role of faith, and the importance of family relationships.

1. Where would you start with Julie? What would you want to know?

2. There are times when Julie feels her depression is incapacitating and other times when it is manageable. How would you help her deal with these fluctuations?

3. What work- or career-related issues do you think Julie is experiencing? How might you work with these issues?

4. She expressed concerns with finding meaning and purpose in her own life. How would you approach this with Julie?