what would be your first nursing intervention?

 3 paragraph of at least 5 sentences with 2 cited sources not older than 2015. APA style.

Community Mental Health

You are a school nurse in a middle school when Jacob comes to the nurse’s office requesting medication for a headache. You notice that his eyes are red, and it appears as if he has been crying. You ask if he is hurt, but he denies it. The phone rings in the office, and a teacher tells you that a female student has approached her concerned about Jacob. The teacher tells you that Jacob sent her a text message saying that he flunked his biology examination and wished he was dead.

  1. If Jacob shared with you a suicide plan that includes harming himself with a weapon, what would be your first nursing intervention?

Prepare an annotated bibliography for the resources you identified.

This week’s assignment will be to create an Annotated Bibliography for your Course Project Topic. Using the Rasmussen Library, identify at least 2 resources pertaining to your topic using the….

What is the specific concept

The paper has to be 5 full pages (Excluding the Title page, Abstract, and References) a total of 8 pages The paper is divided as follows: A) The Title of….

Create a culturagram for your selected population.

Throughout the course, you’ll use the map below to engage important population health concepts. Click on each hot spot to learn more about the population in that area. This week,….