You need to watch this youtube video, and discuss for form, and others (rhythm, tempo, and meter) (you might review in chapter 3).

In addition, you need to write a short analysis of the piece from the point of view of a Referential Listener. (You might review in chapter 1).
300 words minimums.
I am sending you the information of rhythm, tempo, and meter from the course so it will be easier for you:
Rhythm is the organization of sound in time. Earlier, we learned that every tone has duration. It begins, exists for some period of time, and then ends.
When sounds are placed one after another, the combined durations create what is known as rhythm. Rhythm may be very complex, but some fundamental aspects of rhythm may be easily described and understood.
A basic component of rhythm is pulse (or beat). A great deal of the world’s music has a pulse. Pulse is what enables us to march, dance, or just tap a finger to music. Try tapping to the pulse in this excerpt.