1. The sonographer can improve lateral resolution by:


a. increasing the frame rate

b. increasing the imaging depth

c. decreasing the spatial pulse length

d. increasing the number of focal zones

2. Which of the following changes will optimize this sonogram of the right upper quadrant?

a. increase imaging depth; lower focal zone; increase overall gain

b. decrease imaging depth; increase the time gain compensation in the far zone

c. decrease imaging depth; lower focal zone; increase overall gain

d. increase focal zone number; increase time gain compensation in the near zone

3. Operating frequency is determined by the:

a. frequency of the active element

b. thickness and diameter of the crystal

c. diameter and propagation speed of the crystal

d. propagation speed and thickness of the element

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4. The portion of time the transducer is transmitting a pulse is termed:

a. period

b. duty factor

c. pulse repetition period

d. pulse repetition frequency

5. If the duration of the pulse is shortened, the:

a. pulse repetition period will increase

b. pulse repetition frequency will decrease

c. number of cycles in a pulse will increase

d. number of pulses per second will decrease

6. A large packet size in color-flow imaging will:

a. increase the frame rate

b. decrease Doppler sensitivity

c. increase the volume flow rate

d. decrease the temporal resolution