1. Line density is directly related to the:


a. imaging depth

b. temporal resolution

c. pulse repetition period

d. pulse repetition frequency

2. Which of the following are even harmonic frequencies of a 2-MHz transducer?

a. 2, 4, 6

b. 3, 5, 7

c. 4, 6, 8

d. 4, 8, 12

3. Which of the following will most likely occur if the pulse repetition frequency is set too high?

a. flash

b. aliasing

c. acoustic speckle

d. range ambiguity

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4. Which of the following changes would improve the accuracy of the arterial velocity?

a. decrease the pulse repetition frequency; decrease the Doppler gain

b. angle the sample volume; adjust angle correction to blood flow

c. angle the color box; angle the sample volume; decrease the Doppler gain

d. decrease the pulse repetition frequency; adjust angle correction to blood flow

5. Mirror imaging artifact is a result of a(n):

a. weak reflector

b. strong reflector

c. impedance difference

d. strong attenuating structure

6. Approximately what percentage of the sound beam will reflect from a media boundary with perpendicular incidence, if the impedances are different?

a. 1

b. 10

c. 50

d. 99

7. Placement of an echo is determined by the reflec­tor’s round-trip time and:

a. density

b. stiffness

c. amplitude

d. propagation speed