1. Your organization is implementing a new file server. You have been asked to implement a disk subsystem that is a failure-resistant disk system (FRDS). Which criterion should this system meet?

A. It protects against data loss due to disk drive failure.

B. It protects against data loss due to external power failure.

C. It protects against loss of access to data due to power supply failure.

2.What is the term for RAID 1 implemented with a single hard disk controller?

A. Disk duplexing

B. Disk mirroring

C. Disk striping

3. Your company has a backup solution that performs a full backup each Saturday evening and an incremental backup all other evenings. A vital system crashes on Monday morning. How many backups will need to be restored?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

4. Your organization implements a full/differential backup scheme. A full backup was completed two days ago. Yesterday, a differential backup was completed. Which files were backed up yesterday?

A. All files in a backup set

B. All files in a backup set that were changed or created since the last full backup

C. All files in a backup set that were changed or created since the last differential backup

5. Which electronic backup solution backs up data in real time but transmits the data to an offsite facility in batches?

A. Remote journaling

B. Hierarchical storage management (HSM)

C. Electronic vaulting

6. Your organization is researching alternate computing facilities to ensure that the organization is able to function if the primary facility is destroyed. Which offsite facility is the most expensive to implement?

A. Hot site

B. Warm site

C. Cold site

7. During a recent natural disaster, the primary location for your organization was destroyed. To bring the alternate site online, you restored the most critical systems first. Now a new primary site is complete, and you need to ensure that the site is brought online in an orderly fashion. What should you do first?

A. Restore the most critical functions to the new primary site.

B. Restore the least critical functions to the new primary site.

C. Restore all independent functions to the new primary site.

8. Which site is usually maintained within the company and requires no contract with an offsite vendor?

A. Redundant site

B. Hot site

C. Warm site

9.Which of the following is the MOST important element that an incident handler should possess?

A. Integrity

B. Ability to cope with stress

C. Presentation skills

10. Which of the following is MOST important when deciding whether to build an alternate facility or to acquire a hot site operated by a third party?

A. Cost to rebuild information-processing facilities

B. Estimated annual loss expectancy

C. Location and cost of commercial recovery facilities

11. Which of the following documents should be contained in a computer incident response team manual?

A. Severity criteria

B. Employee phone directory

C. Table of all backup files

12. Which of the following practices would best ensure the adequacy of a disaster recovery plan regular reviews of recovery plan information?

A. Regular audits of disaster recovery facilities

B. Regular reviews of recovery plan information

C. Regular recovery exercises regular