1.Which of the following imaging techniques would improve this sagittal image of the right upper quadrant?


a. placing the focus higher

b. placing the focus deeper

c. decreasing imaging depth

d. decreasing overall gain

2. Which of the following offsets for attenuation of the sound beam?

a. amplifier

b. compression

c. demodulation

d. compensation

3. Which of the following describes a function of the transducer?

a. delivers acoustic voltages to the display

b. delivers electrical voltages to the memory

4. A major cellular component of blood is the:

a. plasma

b. platelet

c. leukocyte

d. erythrocyte

5. Which of the following is an auscultatory conse­quence of turbulent flow?

a. bruit

b. disturbed flow

c. high resistance

d. velocity increase

6. Which of the following is the most accurate defini­tion of hemodynamics?

a. The pressure created in a fluid system

b. A fluid’s ability to resist change in shape or flow

c. The pressure difference required for blood to flow

d. The physical principles concerned with the study of blood circulation

7. What type of arterial blood flow exhibits a constant velocity across the vessel?

a. plug

b. laminar

c. pulsatile

d. parabolic

8. The microcirculation consists of the:

a. arteries and veins

b. arterioles and venules

c. arterioles, capillaries, and venules

d. arteries, veins, venules, and capillaries

9. Which portion of the circulatory system exchanges vital nutrients with tissue cells?

a. aorta

b. venules

c. arterioles

d. capillaries

10. Which of the following will most likely resolve aliasing?

a. decreasing the Doppler angle

b. increasing the operating frequency

c. increasing the pulse repetition period

d. decreasing the depth of the sample volume

11. A positive Doppler shift occurs when the:

a. spectral information is displayed below the baseline

b. received frequency is less than the transmitted frequency

c. received frequency is greater than the transmitted frequency

d. transmitted frequency is greater than the received frequency

12. Which of the following will most likely increase the system’s sensitivity of the Doppler shifts?

a. increasing the Doppler angle

b. repositioning the sample volume

c. increasing the operating frequency

d. decreasing the size of the sample gate