Why are the stories of Mary Dyer and the other martyrs important?

Quotes from: http://hawthorneinsalem.org/Literature/Quakers&Witches/Quakers/MMD521.html

Mary Dyer, October 27, 1659

“This is to me the hour of greatest joy I ever had in this world. No ear can hear, no tongue can utter, and no heart can understand the sweet incomes and the refreshings of the spirit of the Lord, which I now feel.”

1. What does she mean?

2. Comparison: How does this quote compare to what you saw in the video?

William Leddra, March 14, 1661 (written on the day he was hanged)

“The sweet influences of the Morning Star like a flood, distilling into my habitation, have so filled me with the joy of the Lord in the beauty of holiness that my spirit is as if it did not inhabit a tabernacle of clay, but is wholly swallowed up in the beauty of eternity from whence it had its being…. As the flowing of the ocean doth fill every creek and branch and then retires again toward its own being and fulness, leaving a savor behind, so doth the life and power of God flow into our hearts, making us partakers of the Divine nature.”

3. What does he mean?

Wenlock Christison, March 1661 (spoken in court before his death sentence was overturned)

“Do not think to weary out the living God by taking away the lives of His servants. What do you gain by it? For the last man you put to death, here are five come in his room. And if you have power to take my life from me, God can raise up the same principle of life in ten of his servants and send them among you in my room.”

4. What does he mean?

Analysis: This helps historians to determine what makes a source useful.

5. Why are the stories of Mary Dyer and the other martyrs important?

please answer questions one through five and compare them to attached video (youtube link)

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