Why did the French want to sell Louisiana? 

Answer the following questions using the textbook only (chapters 7 and 8).  Remember to cite your sources–I know it’s only one source this week, but it’s good practice! Foot Notes Only!

1) What was Jeffersonian Republicanism?  How did it differ from the prior Federalist administrations of Washington and Adams?

2) Why did the French want to sell Louisiana?  Why did Jefferson want to purchase it?

3) What was the purpose of the Lewis and Clarke expedition?  What role did Sacagawea play in that journey?

4) What were the primary causes of the War of 1812?  What were some of the consequences of that war?

5) What transportation technologies facilitated westward expansion and economic growth in the early-19th century?  In what ways were they important to growth and expansion?

6) What impact did immigration have on the national landscape in the first half of the 19th century?  What groups came in the largest numbers?  How were they generally received by US society?

7) How did industrial development impact people’s lives?  Give a few examples.  How did it impact women’s roles in society?

How does Nevada compare to other states in regard to illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, and temporary workers in the United States?

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Describe how people are involved in their ceremony (either as an individual, or as a group

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Craft a list of questions beforehand to help guide you.

The Deadline Is Today 2:00 Pm (Wednesday 28-04-2021) ! Interview an elderly family member or friend about a major historical event, organization, or issue (For 2020 courses this may be….