This is an individual assessment task. Students will submit a report (1200 words excluding references)on any topic of your choice pertaining to emerging technological trends or radical innovations in the industry and referring a case study on how organizations benefit by implementing such technologies. You will also have to deliver a five-minute presentation summarizing key findings of the report.

Report must be well-written and should have appropriate in-text and detailed referencing as per Harvard Referencing criteria. The report and presentation are due by the end of week 10. Presentations will be arranged during tutorial of week 11 and 12.

The report will be assessed on the following criteria:

· Well-written with good use of language: word choice, grammar and sentence structure

· Clarity of purpose

· Accuracy and relevance of content

· Depth of analysis with supported arguments – at least three references

· Good recommendations and conclusion based on arguments presented


The report should address the following requirements as mentioned in the following table:





Executive Summary A short description as to what is addressed in the report 2
Introduction Introduction about one or more of the digital megatrend(s) used by the organization 3
Discussion Discussion of the organization identified from the case study and how it benefitted from implementing the new technology 5
Findings Findings from the report 3
Conclusion Concluding remarks