When children are transferred from one class to another, it can be particularly traumatic for those who are educationally “at risk” and for those with learning and social-emotional disabilities. It may take these students longer than expected to adjust and be capable of participating in a new learning situation. Also, it takes time for teachers to accurately observe and document educational and behavioral concerns. If referral to the IEP team is necessary, it generally takes several months to complete testing and make necessary placement and program changes. Therefore, in cases of students who are moved frequently, the IEP team may not have the opportunity to complete the classification process before the student relocates, which can delay needed remedial interventions. In some cases, parents who disagree with the school’s recommendation for evaluation or placement and program changes may relocate repeatedly and remain transient to avoid a confrontation and possible due process proceedings. What effect would this have on the student? Would this scenario impact assessment results and your interpretation of those results?