Would you recommend that I continue to use this book in this course with future students?

⦁One to two paragraph brief summary of the book.

⦁Who is the author and his/her background?

⦁Does the author have any particular ideological viewpoint that he or she is trying to advance or do you consider the author to have been neutral and presented both sides of controversial issues?  (You will find asking this same question will help you in other courses and your future career.)

⦁When was this book written?  Does the author reflect the views (biases) of the time when the book was written? Why or why not?

⦁What did you find most interesting in the book?  Least interesting?

⦁What additional topics should the author have included in the book? Why?

⦁How had people before the age of the telegraph attempted to communicate faster over distances?

⦁How did the telegraph reflect scientific and technological developments, both in the United States and other countries?

⦁Why did the telegraph represent such a revolutionary development and not just an incremental improvement in communication?

⦁How did the telegraph impact politics, journalism, business, military strategy and society in general?

⦁How were the American and European experiences similar or different in developing the telegraph?  Did the telegraph have a similar impact in the United States and Europe?

⦁What do you think of the author’s title?  Is the Victorian-era telegraph really the equivalent of today’s internet in terms of its impact or is that an exaggeration?  Why or why not?

⦁Do you think the author makes the material interesting, understandable and relevant to the general public?  Why or why not?

⦁If you were the editor in the publishing company, what changes would you make to the author’s draft?

⦁Did the book increase your interest in a particular issue that you would like to learn more about?

⦁Do you think it is worthwhile learn about the historical impact of scientific and technological developments?

⦁Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

⦁Would you recommend that I continue to use this book in this course with future students?

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Craft a list of questions beforehand to help guide you.

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