There are several project management methodologies that are used in contemporary project management. Each has certain specific elements that its proponents say make it easier to use, more applicable, more robust or other utilities. While these methodologies are all valid and reliable tools for a project manager to use, it is important to be able to contrast them and to form a view of how they might best be used in a project. This includes their usefulness, application in various types of projects and how they view project risk. PROJ6000_Assessment 1 Brief_081118.Docx Page 2 of 5 This assessment has two parts: (a) You will be placed in a group by your lecturer. In that group in weeks 4 and 5 of the term you will need to read about PMBoK, PRINCE2 and Agile to learn more about their use, application and how they treat project risk. You will also need to read about the similarities and differences between them. The group needs to be divided into two halves. Each half must select either PMBoK or PRINCE2 or Agile to defend. This “defence” takes the form of discussions between your group members in weeks 4 and 5 of the term. You do not need produce anything from this exercise, but you do need to take notes for yourself. These notes will help you complete your individual assessment in part (b) below. (b) Individually, you will need to write a 1,200 – word report that compares and contrasts PMBoK and PRINCE2 or Agile (any 2). This will be based on the week 4 and week 5 discussions that you had in your group. The report must use the following headings: 1. Introduction to PMBoK, Agile and/or PRINCE2 (only 2) (their background and historical context) 2. Similarities between them 3. Differences between them 4. How each method treats project risk 5. In which types of projects each is used 6. Reference list (6 to 12 references) You will need to consult the literature and use at least 6 references (and not more than 12 references) from academic and industry sources. The word count does not include the reference list. Each reference must be in-text cited in your report. The word count is +/- 10%. The assessment requires that you submit your report via the Learning Management System. You do not need to upload anything relating to your group discussions in weeks 4 and 5.