Write a 2-3 page report on any one of the following topics. A supporting paper is provided for each topic. However, the report has to be prepared based on general literature beyond the supporting paper. The deadline for the submission of the assignment is 14th January, 12 noon, 2017. Your report should have proper references/bibliography. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited! Topic 1. Impact of invasive species on native species and ecosystems. Supporting paper/s: Gurevitch, Jessica, and Dianna K. Padilla. “Are invasive species a major cause of extinctions?- Trends in Ecology & Evolution 19.9 (2004): 470-474. Molnar, Jennifer L., et al. “Assessing the global threat of invasive species to marine biodiversity ” Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 6.9 (2008): 485-492. Didham, Raphael K., et al. “Are invasive species the drivers of ecological change?.” Trends in Ecology & Evolution 20.9 (2005): 470-474. strayer, David L., et a “understanding the long-term effects of species invasions.” Trends in ecology & evolution 21.11 (2006): 645-651.