write a 3750-word report outlining vehicular network security concerns.

Go online and find 5-10 papers that are published between 2015-present on the topic of managing security in the cloud.

The document must contain details on the questions below:

• What is the problem?

• Which technique (ABM / Blockchain) are you going to use and why?

· *******I prefer to use Blockchain**********

· How your proposed methodology can help to tackle the problem?

  • Then write a 3750-word report outlining vehicular network security concerns.
  • You must use multiple, fully published sources and cite them all.
  • Include a set of references at the end of the report.
    • Your references must have complete details including authors, date, title, book, conference, or journal details, and a legal publisher.
  • Do not give links or silly sources like “google” or “Wikipedia” as your reference.
  • All in-text citations and discussions to references must correspond 1-1

Prepare a 2-3 page max narrative discussing the content and your thoughts regarding the importance (or lack of importance) of developing such a strategy.

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