Paper #1 Instructions

For the Paper #1 assignment, you are asked to write a complete summary of each of the assigned chapters up to the time that Paper #1 is assigned and due (chapters 1-4). The summary paper is where you synthesize each chapter and write analytically. Put ideas from the text into your own words. Be sure to use in-text citations for the textbook in APA style.


In writing your summary paper, you should structure your paper in alignment with each chapter, by summarizing all of the main themes and terminology set forth in each chapter. For each chapter summary, you will need to have an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement, body paragraphs in support of the thesis statement which discuss the main themes in the textbook chapter. You must have a conclusion as you summarize each chapter. The nature of your writing is analytical, in the third person, and formal. Do not use colloquialisms.

You should have one reflection paragraph at the end of each chapter summary in which you discuss your own personal example of the theories and themes discussed in each chapter. Provide a subheading for this reflection paragraph indicating that it is a reflection based on the assigned chapter.

Your summary of each chapter should be approximately 10%-20% of the source. Therefore, if one chapter is 40 pages long, then your summary of that chapter could logically be between 4-8 pages long. You must include headings and subheadings in the formatting of your paper. You will need to use APA style.