Write a one or two paragraph annotation for each source that includes:

For this assignment, you will be creating an annotated bibliography of sources you will use for your research paper.

  • Create a working bibliography (Works Cited, References, Bibliography) of at least five sources in one of the approved formats (MLA, APA, or Chicago Style). (You are required to include five sources as noted below in your final paper. In the perfect world, you will find the best sources at the very beginning, but this is a working bibliography. Your sources may change until you submit your final research paper.) Your bibliography must include the following source types:
    • 2 primary sources
    • 1 scholarly journal article – this must be a peer-reviewed journal article, not a book review or a student published article
    • 1 secondary source – may not be a source from the eText
    • 1 additional source of your choosing – may not be a source from the eText or a tertiary source
  • Write a one or two paragraph annotation for each source that includes:
    • A summary of the content of the source
    • A summary of the author’s thesis and conclusions
    • A description of the evidence that the author used to support the thesis
    • A statement about how and why the source will be helpful for your own research
  • Make sure you review the example Annotated Bibliography to envision what the layout should look like. Regardless of the format you use, the layout is very prescriptive and your list of sources (Works Cited, References, Bibliography) should be alphabetized and requires the use of hanging indents.
  • Once you are satisfied that you have met the above criteria, submit your completed Annotated Bibliography to the Assignment folder by the due date on the Course Schedule in .docx or .rtf format (no PDFs).

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